Azonto is a popular Afropop dance craze which evolved out of a traditional dance called Kpanlogo. Both genres involve a set of coordinated hands and feet movement that incorporate into dance, expressions of everyday activities and bawdy gestures, with the intent to amuse. It renders a playful depiction of ordinary events and activities such as washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming, etc. using basic knee bending and hip movements. The dance allows for a great deal of improvisation. It is fun, creative to pulsating, uplifting  beats and perfect for kids to enjoy.
The NEW Dazzle Dance Club is a no pressure, no performance, no gradings dance club. The club explores a huge variety of different dance styles with no repetition and a chance to truly enjoy the moment. The 6 week club starting in September begins with the exciting, upbeat Azonto!


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