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Party Craft Boxes

Two huge boxes packed full of craft and colouring goodies for creative play and imagination, an ideal addition at any children’s event. Children of all ages love the freedom and choice of these craft boxes. Amazing selection of felt tips, crayons and pencils, glue sticks, pom poms, stickers, buttons, card shapes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, sequins, stencils, feathers, paper, coloured paper, mini chalk boards and chalk, activity sheets and wipe clean wipe clean doodle tablecloth.

Themed, personalised activity sheets are available on request


No Waste Catering Kit

Dazzle has thought about everything you would need for a children’s party, the no waste catering kit is designed as a reusable, flexible kit for any children’s event with lots of choice of colours and themes.

The kit includes cups, plates, bowls and cutlery for up to 24 children, 2 jugs, 3 presentation dishes, paper straws, choice of washable tablecloths, table runners and napkins, an apron, dishcloths, tea towels, laundry bag, tea towels, washing cloths, washing up liquid and compost bin for food waste.

Throw the plates and cups in the laundry bag to be cleaned by Dazzle after the party!

All sorted.

Themed tablecloths and table decoration are available on request.


Craft Bags

Dazzle has been designing childrens craft activities and party gifts for 17 years, we know what children enjoy making and how they can work independently.

The packs are tailored to the guests ages and interests and ideal for bespoke gifts for childen at birthday parties, family occasions and weddings. They include a variety of creative activities from hand made dressing up items and props for imaginative play, craft activities with easy to follow instructions, games such as bingo and treasure hunts to continue the fun at home and yummy sweet treats.

A few examples are bespoke house ties and wands for Harry Potter party gifts, animal tail gifts at a safari themed party, mix and match superhero belts craft activity, ocean themed bracelet kits, pirate dress up bundles and a caterpillar craft kit at a bugs and butterfly party!



Craft Boxes £30
No Waste Party Catering Kit £25
Bespoke Craft Bags £5-£20 per child


Items to be collected from and
returned to Minchinhampton





Dazzle is proud to receive a Plastic Free Champion award from @surfersagainstsewage

When planning craft activities and creating new equipment I will brainstorm how I can up cycle items, try to prioritise them to be compostable or recyclable and if I can source the items locally and sustainably. From creating tablecloths and bunting from unwanted duvet covers, providing a compost bin for food waste at parties, using plastic free sellotape, refillable cleaning products and recycling soft plastics, by choosing Dazzle you are making a difference to plastic waste and pollution too!

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