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I love Dazzle & Wake Up Club because Sarah and her team are always so enthusiastic, energetic  and welcoming. Sarah is really good at encouraging you to have a go at things.

My daughter Elsie has been to many Dazzle Tots sessions and she loves to follow the themes where she can explore her imagination
through movement , dance , crafts and make belief. Sarah puts her heart and soul into each session and you can see the children warm to her.


Floss loves wake up club. Sarah is always full of energy and fab ideas so there are always new things to try. Floss loves it so much that she even goes on the days I am not at work!

Sarah did a Street Dance party for my Son, Matthew and his friend Louis for their joint 7th birthday party. It was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!


Courtney says that the dance class is fun and exciting. You are a really nice teacher. She enjoys the dancing and can’t wait to return!
I would say as a parent that I am thrilled that Courtney enjoys these classes. I would recommend to anyone!

Thank you so much for all the hard work you must have put into making India’s GLEE party the tremendous success it was. India declared it officially the best party EVER! You are an amazing talent on the dance front but also your ability to encourage, inspire and bring out the creativity in all those girls!

Amazing dances – I have learned so many new skills and made so many friends, the games are great, so much fun made here. Dazzle and wake-up clubs have also built my confidence and I love all the different types of music I love it


Sarah and Carys did incredibly well as they had 20 children with ages ranging from reception to Year 6! All the children were totally engaged for the full two hours and they all had a brilliant time.The show at the end for the parents was just amazing. Thank you Sarah!

‘Sarah cares about everyone having fun and the happiness of all who attend, it’s a lovely start to the day for my daughter.”

I love Wake Up Club because lots of my friends go and there’s always something different to do each day. I especially love hoola-hooping, dancing and gymnastics! Sarah makes it really fun!”

I think Dazzle is really awesome because it teaches you good drama and makes you braver standing up in front of people!

Me and my friend had a Street Dance party for our 7th birthday party. It was totally awesome. All my friends loved it even those who said they didn’t like dancing!



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