Dance & Stretch 

What makes a Dazzle Dance & Stretch course unique?
Every week a new fun routine, a new dance style, new feel good music.

Each routine is choreographed with three aims – I want the choreography to feel achievable and for you to leave feeling a sense of achievement – I want you to also feel challenged enough to focus on the dancing and forget about the world outside – I want to put a smile on your face. Some classes focus more on the fitness, some are bouncy, some are more technical and others but each class is independent so you can rock up, enjoy, take what you need from it and forget about it. There is no pressure to remember any moves for the next class, just enjoy then say goodbye and get on with your week.

A short warm up starts the class before gradually, section by section, we develop and learn an achievable, fun, stylish but challenging enough routine. With lots of repeated sequences, you will be able to add in more style and individuality as we run through the finished masterpiece a few times before a simple cool down. The time flies by and you can put in as much or as little as you want. If you are there for fitness, to hang out with friends, to dance, to forget about the cupboards that need sorting, it doesn’t matter.

Then the lights dim, we roll out our mats for a well deserved guided 15-20 minute stretch and relax.  Building strength and flexibility, relaxing, reaping the benefits of the dance workout and helping you to leave the class a little less wired up.
Have a bath run for when you get home, pour the gin or just crawl into bed.
To book a place on a course or a single class head to What’s On and Booking calendar page!

Sarah puts together great classes for us – we spend the whole evening dancing and laughing, and time flies by, as we are so engaged with what we were doing. I don’t even notice that I’ve been ‘working out’ until I get home! Sarah has a great gift for creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere – even for those, like me, who are bashful about their dance skills.

I love dancing so the fun of learning a new dance routine every week and getting a workout at the same time is just perfect. Sarah is lovely, very warm, friendly, welcoming and so enthusiastic. She keeps us on our toes, not just physically but mentally too. It’s the highlight of my week and I just love it.


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