Past Workshops

Past Holiday Clubs and Theatre Workshops

EASTER 2018-‘On The Rooftops of London’ Musical Theatre Workshop
EASTER 2018-Two Day Holiday Club
FEBRUARY 2018-New! Three Day Holiday Club
NOVEMBER 2017-Moana weekend
OCTOBER 2017-Hansel & Gretel
SUMMER 2017-Comedy Sketch Show
SUMMER 2017-Dance Mornings & Holiday Dazzle Tots
EASTER 2017-West Side Jungle
FEBRUARY 2017-Dance Mornings
OCTOBER 2016-Matilda Medley
SUMMER 2016-Shakespeare Workshop
EASTER 2016-Greek Mythology
OCTOBER 2015-Dazzle does Disney
SUMMER 2015-Shakespeare at Woodchester Mansion
SUMMER 2014-The Big Top / Dance, Drama & Shadow Puppetry Mornings
EASTER 2014-The Man Whose Mother Was A Pirate
OCTOBER 2013-West Side Jungle
SUMMER 2013- Dance Mornings / Backstage Theatre Course
EASTER 2013-Dazzle at the Movies
FEBRUARY 2013-The Iron Man
SUMMER 2012-Harry Potter, Narnia & Roald Dahl Workshops
EASTER 2012-Dance Mornings
FEBRUARY 2012-The Mountains of Tibet
OCTOBER 2011-Dazzle does GLEE
SUMMER 2011-Roald Dahl Mornings
EASTER 2011-Hansel & Gretel
MAY 2010-Dazzle Showstoppers
OCTOBER 2008-Dazzle Does Abba




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Dazzle workshops are always thoughtfully planned and beautifully organised, though Sarah also has the versatility and innate understanding of children to adapt to circumstances and ensure that every child gets a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Children invariably leave her workshops with a big smile on their faces, and a sense of time well spent.

I love Dazzle because Sarah and her team are always so enthusiastic, energetic  and welcoming. Sarah is really good at encouraging you to have a go at things.

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