Dazzle is excited to have Carys on board as a guest specialist teacher sharing her love of heels dance.

A sexy, smooth and exciting heels dance course exploring two heels routines with Dazzles queen of Sass ‘Carys’! This style of dance is often characterized by sharp, precise movements and a focus on footwork and body control. Heels dance can improve your overall balance, alignment, coordination, technique and muscle control. And it’s FUN!

‘My parents say that I have been dancing even before I could walk! I’ve tried it all: ballet, tap, modern, street, jazz, contemporary, and of course ballroom and latin. They all have their merits but my favourite was always Latin: it asks for technique but also gives you the opportunity to explore your own style. I used to get reprimanded by the teacher in my tap and modern classes for stylising all my exercises with the posture of a Latin dancer. Well, it’s not my fault that my hips don’t lie! Always one to dance to my own tune, I was never a big fan of following the man around the floor. Plus, there’s only so many times that you can copy all the Strictly routines, before your mum and sister ask you to cut it out, because you’re blocking Giovanni shaking his hips in HD.
Having encountered one solo Salsa class in my time, I wanted the opportunity to glide under the glitter ball all on my own. So for those of us who sadly lack our own Giovanni waiting for us at home, now you can jive, cha cha and rhumba sans partner. He’d only slow you down anyway!
Every week, we will learn the essential technique required for the Cha Cha Cha, Rhumba, Jive, Paso Doble, and the Salsa, and combine it all in a swish choreographed routine that scores you 10s across the board, every time.’
Carys is trained to Gold ballroom and Latin standard, former member of Gloucestershire contemporary dance. Avid heels dancer and intermediate pole dancer!

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