Celebrating 15 years of Creativity!

Dazzle was started in 2005 by Sarah Davis-Berry. The first sessions were monthly Saturday morning workshops exploring educational themes through drama games and craft activities and the first theatre holiday workshop was run in August 2006. Dazzle gradually developed and now runs a variety of regular and successful drama and dance events for children including Wake Up Clubs, Dance & Drama courses, Dance & Themed Birthday Parties, Dance Sessions, Private Dance & Drama Tuition, Ladies Dance Nights and Holiday Theatre & Performance Workshops.

Dazzle in not a traditional theatre school. Theatre schools do not suit all children. Dazzle aims to offer a more personal, flexible, affordable and unique service. A service that allows children to attend the events that interest them with no long term financial or time commitment. Dazzle offers such a variety of events, it is not possible for one child to want to do everything!

All Dazzles assistants, youth trainees and work shadowing students have attended Dazzle as young children, had great memories and want to be a part of Dazzle again. They are a hugely important part of the experience for the children and it is special that they want to return and pass on their knowledge, enthusiasm and love of the arts.

Not all children want to perform or compete for a lead role. They need to be in the moment, escape from reality, to play and be spontaneous. Dazzle aims to offer a trusting space for children to allow this to happen. We all want our children to grow in to happy and independent young adults and creativity plays an important role. The confidence, that one can develop, never has to leave, whatever path they chose. Drama is the perfect tool for life. An understanding and empathy for others, an ability to trust, converse and work with others.

“I see the importance of these moments in a child’s life and how we must do our best to get these right. The child is always within us and their experiences can be life changing. I see the difference an individual can make and the difference creativity makes. I love the process of every single project from a pre-school session to an intensive theatre workshop. Every event is important to me, however small but I always try to think BIG because this is what the children want me to do. 

Sarah Davis-Berry – Dazzle Workshop Leader

Sarah lives with her family in Minchinhampton.

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