This summer Dazzle is offering a unique, fresh opportunity for young boys, the 4 week Saturday morning ‘Boyz Dance Club’.
“My son loves dancing but how do I get him to a dance club?”
Most dance clubs simply cater for the needs and interests of the majority who attend …. girls. But why would most boys walk through a door to a blur of pink and little mix. Just as we see the benefits of girls training and competing separately in sport, boys also need their own space to exploredance.
As we all know, boys can be very enthusiastic at times and may overestimate their own abilities. They need challenging but need to be made aware of their own safety and welfare. Boys need a simple step-by-step structure to follow, constant encouragement and the opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn new moves. They need to play, have fun and a huge space to be allowed to be free in!
I aim to give the boys this space.
Dads, when was the last time you danced? Not at a wedding or a works event but REALLY danced, spread your wings and let go! Nothing like it! The phrase ‘Dad dancing’ came about because from a very young age boys are not encouraged to dance. Have you seen a primary school disco? Unless it’s gangnam style, the boys generally stand around the outside of the hall while the girls dance. Crazy!
Dancing is an athletic and physical activity encouraging teamwork, strength, co-ordination and agility …. remind you of anything?
Creativity encourages empathy and an understanding of yourself and others.
It all adds up to a better world.
Oh, and dancing is pretty cool too.

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