Alice Bracegirdle, the founder of Bellyfit International is coming to Bristol for a one day Instructor training day. Whether you want to add Bellyfit® to your current teaching schedule or you’re just starting out on your wellness journey, teaching this format will help you stand out in the crowd!
Increase your income while creating a safe, inclusive workout environment for women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels who want to embrace their bodies and move from a place of self love and acceptance.

Why not try the amazing Bellyfit® class with Rosie Bellyfit Stroud on a Wednesday evening in Stroud to experience this unique class?

What is Bellyfit®?
Bellyfit is the only standardized, holistic fusion of Fitness, Bellydance and Yoga exclusively for women, now with hundreds of certified instructors in over 15 countries worldwide.
The Bellyfit System is designed for women of all ages, stages, sizes, and levels of ability. All Bellyfit Instructors are trained to teach to the beginner, the seasoned athlete and everyone in between. She will give you levels of intensity and impact, and layers of movement to choose from.

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