Dazzle Workshops is based in Minchinhampton, offering creative opportunities for children aged 3-5 in schools, nurseries, during the holidays and weekends.
GIRL POWER is aimed at girls aged 5-11 and a unique opportunity for your daughter.
Tailored specifically for girls, the courses aim to enhance the social-emotional well-being, physical confidence and self-esteem of girls through team sports, dance and yoga.
Girl Power is run at Minchinhampton Youth Centre on Saturday mornings.
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Many girls need a different environment to be allowed to try new skills, express themselves creatively and grow in confidence. A space to develop confidence to be themselves, to be healthy, to try new things, to respect themselves and respect others.
Girl Power aims to provide this place.
The class starts with a fun warm up game to get the mind and body ready before moving onto the principal sport activity.
Girl Power this Spring will focus on the basic skills, rules and positions of Hockey and Parkour and when the weather allows, we will take advantage of the Astro Turf facilities and practise these new skills outside.
After a short snack break the girls will put on their dancing feet to work on an upbeat dance routine. This term the girls will be exploring the iconic steps, rhythm and history of the Cha Cha and Streetdance.
The group then heads to the cosy mat circle for a relaxing stretch to concentrate on breathing techniques and fun, yoga inspired sequences.
Girl Power closes with a chat and the topics can vary from diet, friendship skills, fitness advice, body image, relaxation techniques to local sports opportunities.
Incentives, tips and information handouts for their personal Girl Power folder link the classes, encourage practise and further interest.

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