A boys only dance course for young boys aged 5-11. Exploring creative and dynamic routines, getting outdoors, using up energy and providing a physical and creative experience.

Boys need their own space to feel safe to express themselves, their emotions, energy, dynamics and their creativity. There are lots of boys who want to dance and Dazzle feels very passionate about making this opportunity for them!

“My son loves dancing but he won’t go to a dance class?” To be honest, I don’t blame them. As a dance teacher, this is what I hear the most from parents, frustrated because they want to provide an outlet for their son to learn some new skills doing something he enjoys.

I aim to make Dazzles dance classes an active, non-gender, athletic and fresh experience for everyone. But peer pressure and pre-conceptions from such a young age are just too hard to battle against. As most dance clubs are full of girls they, therefore, cater to the majority who attend, influencing the dance styles, music and costume choices. I have been guilty of this in the past. Most boys will simply not walk through the door when they see a blur of pink and Little Mix blaring from the music system! Just as we see the benefits of girls training and competing separately in sport, boys also need their own space to explore dance. Get them on a football pitch or a park, use props such as basketballs, swords or scooters.

Over the years there have been inspirations and role models who have made it acceptable, accessible and cool for boys and men to dance, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Billy Elliott, Diversity, George Sampson and Strictly Come Dancing. Boys love the competition, the judges, the creativity, the costumes and the dancing on Strictly!  But they also see the skill, the physical strength, the competitive spirit and the respect the men gain.

“Dance is a physical and athletic activity requiring great skill, strength, and agility. Sounds like an ideal fit for energetic boys… so where are they?? In general, the current perception is that dance is not a “manly” activity. Men who dance must be in top physical form but the beauty and elegance masks the blood, sweat, and tears it seems we like to see from men in our culture. Therefore, the grittier athletic activities are favoured for boys, while dance is considered a better pursuit for girls. But to a young boy or teen pursuing dance, the road is often anything but simple.”
Nichelle Suzanne owner/editor of Dance Advantage.

Drop in Boys only Dance Club in Stroud! This summer Dazzle is offering a unique, fresh opportunity for young boys, the 4 week Saturday morning ‘Boyz Dance Club’. “My son loves dancing but how do I get him to a dance club?” Most dance clubs simply cater for the needs...

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