School Dance Courses with Dazzle
Dance has so many physical and mental benefits. Regular dancing can make us stronger and more flexible but can also help our concentration, ability to remember and social skills. Positively taught, dance and movement encourages our creativity, ability to improvise and improves our mood. Dance is fun. Everyone can dance.
Dance is a perfect socially distanced activity.
A Dazzle dance event in your school could range from a ‘Wake, Shake & Stretch’ morning once a week or working weekly with class bubbles on a routine to compliment a school term topic, dance as part of the PE curriculum or exploring famous dance styles from around the world and from history. Or simply an upbeat, positive experience for the children.
“I love working in schools because it brings opportunities to girls and boys who may never think about trying a variety of different dance styles….the tango, bhangra, cheerleading or charleston! With no judging and grading, I aim to inspire the children’s creativity and their uniqueness and to provide a safe place to try new things. Dance gives a chance to reach children who don’t feel connected or needed. Dance is a different learning experience for children. It’s physical, and it gives the students a mental break”
Sarah Davis-Berry
Sarah has Children’s Activity Provider Covid-19 Training, Portable Enhanced DBS, Paediatric First Aid & Safeguarding Training & Public Liability Insurance.
Dazzle is offering these courses at a discounted rate during Autumn/Winter 2020.
If you are a primary school teacher you might be interested in the dance opportunities Dazzle is offering within schools and playgroups or if you’re a parent please feel free to share this to your child’s school.
Stay safe

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