So many families loved the spy code hunt Dazzle is excited to announce the WHAT3WORDS Trail!

what3words has given every 3m square in the world a unique three word address.

When I’m watching TV on my sofa the code is undivided.arrived.equal, if you are playing on court 1 at Minchinhampton tennis club one of the three words are necklaces.siblings.laws or if you stand at Tom Longs Post the unique code is captures.graphic.deflation. People can use what3words to find their tent at a festival, navigate to a B&B or to direct emergency services to the right place. But let’s have fun with what3words!

Dazzle has put together a trail for Minchinhampton families to discover ten what3words locations. Each location will be numbered and will lead to the next one so it is important to follow the trail.  Look under, behind and inside so wear wellies and get prepared to climb and lie down!

Younger children can also enjoy looking for all the amazing planets in our solar system on their own trail. You can download the PDF search sheet along with a fun poem to discover each planet and explore their differences.

How to play the trail..
Firstly you will first need to install the WHAT3WORDS app on your phone.
The first what3words location is shocks.mentioned.ranks
You can use your voice to activate the next clue or type it in.
The trail will take between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how close you live and how fast you go!
I really hope no-one takes the clues down or they are blown away but just in case, download the PDF locations to use if you get really stuck but obviously its more fun to try without it!
When you reach the final location there is a very famous Shakespeare quote. Work out the missing word to access the trail code page. Pop your details in to be in with a chance of winning one crafty and chocolatey prize, appropriate to the winners age.

A few safety reminders:
*Remember social distancing as you walk around. Be aware of other families. There should be no need to touch any of the clues.
*The trail is for families who have easy access to Minchinhampton Common and can include this as part of their permitted exercise during this time.
*There is one very short tricky part for pushchairs or bikes.
*The trail will be up until the evening of Sunday May 10th.
*Please stay safe near roads and crossing roads.


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