THIS summer Dazzle is running
A 4 day craft, DRAMA, Dance &
Performance workshop for
6-11 year olds.


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My daughter came home from Holiday Club and was so proud ‘Mummy, I tried everything’

The mornings involve creating scenery and props such as a circus ticket booth, magical lanterns and shadow puppets. After lunch we hit the stage and work on a unique and crazy Dazzle script including lots of opportunities for actors, singers, dancers, musicians and gymnasts! Developing your child’s stage skills, creative awareness, imagination and teamwork the group will work on scenes and characters gradually building towards a final exciting show. Playful drama, movement, voice and team games are also run throughout the days building trust and relationships with the other children.

A Dazzle theatre workshop aims to be a special, personal and inspiring experience for your child. A blank canvas is transformed. Everyone is involved in all aspects of the show build process from scenery, prop and costume creation, ticket and program designs, music, character work, choreography and directing. The children owning the finished project. Whatever your child’s creative outlet, there will be something for them to enjoy during the 4 days, their self esteem, and interest developing in areas they are not so confident. A small, intimate group of 25 children and a team of 4 ensures every child feels important, individual and heard.

Summer 2023

A sad clown with a story to tell. A group of talented performers arrive in town. They meet one night and what happens next is magic!

Come one and all!

We need actors, gymnasts, singers, musicians, dancers and artists to bring this unique and crazy Dazzle script to life.

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