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During week one of this Topic Dance Course I learnt a lot from year 3.
We explored together their amazing topic and the brainstorming produced lots of great inspiration for movement and dance opportunities… a clever class!

Friction, Reflecting, Space, Invisible, Opaque, Shadow, Transparent, Floating, Translucent, Magnetic, Straight Line, Gravity, Circuits, Wires, Buzzer, Bounce, Battery, Switch, Bulb, Motor, Crocodile Clips, Light.

These initial ideas have become three dance phrases:

1-Circuit Board
2-Magnetic Pull
3-Light & Gravity

Week two the class were kept busy!

They explored the Canon dance form. This technique is used in all dance genres from ballet to hip-hop and ballroom to cheer leading. When correctly it is very effective and powerful to watch.
Canon: a choreographic device or structure in which movements introduced by one dancer are repeated exactly by subsequent dancers in turn
We then moved on to Phrase 1 of our routine ‘Circuit Board’. Each student is given an opening position low on the floor facing towards the dancer before them. They were invited to create a series of moves to four beats which will connect to each other around an imaginary circuit board before Ava became the final and connection
Fitch, Emily and Isabelle then became human magnets and the class pulled themselves towards each one in turn, always keeping at least one point of contact on the floor and all other points pulling towards the magnetic dancers. This move from start to finish lasts 5 seconds. This is a great way to develop balance and co-ordination skills and an awareness of timing, keeping the pose for a few seconds.

The power of stillness within dance.

After revisiting the first two phrases the class will be taught the beginning of a ‘botting’ sequence to the backing track of ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash … remember it?
Popping is defined by robotic movements. Dancing the robot or sometimes referred to as botting is a style of Popping that uses sharp movements and isolation combined with a clean stop





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