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sleepover Parties


Dazzle will arrive with all the ingredients to create and cook yummy home made pizzas with the children, a chocolate fondue and huge mugs of hot choccy. Gorgeous craft activities, games, big screen movie entertainment, costume dress up rail included and we can even provide beautiful sleepover indoor themed glamping tents!
All the fun and creativity you expect from Dazzle.
If you’re going out with a group of friends this is an ideal way to get all the children together, no need to cook them dinner, get ready for your night out in peace and arrive back to a clean kitchen and happy children. 
The Dazzle team can collect other local children to the sleepover party house and stay over, waking up with the kids and making them breakfast while you lie in after a fun night out!

Sleepover Party Packages

A sleep over party is tailored to the number of children, their ages, interests and duration we are needed to entertain the party goers!

An example costing for six children aged between 5-9
Dazzle arrives at 5pm to make home made pizzas with the children and play or go for a walk while you are getting ready for your night out, the children then enjoy a treasure hunt followed by a craft activity and big screen movie in the lounge with hot chocolate, stories then bedtime!
Teeth cleaned, kitchen tidy, no stress!
Dazzle finishes at 12am
£45 per child 

Please message Sarah at Dazzle to discuss your requirements and any optional add ons such as collecting children, themed glamping tents, disco lights, end of party gifts and Dazzle staying the night to look after the children in the morning. 

Other packages include children entertainment at weddings, family occasions and birthday parties.







































Dazzle is proud to have recently been awarded a Plastic Free Champion Award. We will always try to source equipment from local, sustainable sources and aim to use compostable or recyclable materials. 


Happy Clients

We have some lovely memories from  parties organised by Sarah. You’ll never find anyone more caring and committed to making every session feel like an occasion

“I love Dazzle. I think its even better than Christmas”

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