School Drama and Dance Courses

School Drama & Dance Workshops

To encourage and develop Creativity, Self Confidence, Teamwork, Fun, Fitness, Co-Ordination, Individuality & Social Skills.

Curriculum Dance Courses-Incorporating ideas from the students, DAZZLE can put together a unique routine inspired by the class topic. This is a great, creative, bonding experience for boys and girls in a class, year or study group.   Dazzle has run many creative dance courses as part of primary schools PE curriculum. A Recent course themes have included 999, Where The Wild Things Are, Frozen,  Ballroom, Olympics Sports, Four Seasons, Nocturnal Animals, How to Train Your Dragon and Outer Space. A fantastic compliment to their research and academic studies and a great way to show the children how to compile their own routine from any subject. These expressive dance courses are aiming towards a presentation to the school, in an assembly or to parents.
Course plan, lesson plans and course review included and weekly contact with the relevant class teacher.
£250 for a 5 week course

“I love working in schools because it brings opportunities to girls and boys who would never think about trying, or enjoy learning a variety of different dance styles….the tango, bhangra, cheerleading or charleston! With no judging and grading, I aim to inspire the children’s creativity and their uniqueness and to provide a safe place to try new things. Dance gives a chance to reach children who don’t feel connected or needed. Dance is a different learning experience for children. It’s physical, and it gives the students a mental break”  Sarah Davis-Berry 

Curriculum Drama Courses– Through individual and team drama games and activities the class can creatively explore any theme. Whether it be the ‘Narnia’ or ‘Roald Dahl’ Stories, curriculum subjects such as ‘Ancient Egypt’, ‘Rome’, ‘Guy Fawkes’, ‘Medieval Life’, ‘Race to the Pole’ or ‘The Solar System’, these craft and improvisation sessions are perfect for developing self confidence, group bonding and team skills. Most recent courses include a seies of KS1 workshops exploring the childrens books by Julia Donaldson and independent Saturday morning themed Drama Mornings and Drama Clubs.
£250 for a 5 week course


Minchinhampton Primary Academy
After School Dance Courses for KS1- September 2014-February 2015
Flash Mob choreography – June 2013 and September 2015

Prior Park
End of term Hip-Hop/Cheeerleading evening for the school choir- July 2012

Cranham Primary School
Six week Streetdance course for KS2- Autumn 2014

Eastcombe Primary School
Improvisation morning inspired by the stories of Roald Dahl- March 2012

St Josephs Primary School
Six week Frozen themed Ballroom dance courses for KS1-Autumn 2014
Six week After School Street Dance course for KS2-Autumn 2014
Six week creative dance course on the theme ‘How to train your Dragon’ for Y3/4-Spring 2015
Six week creative dance course on the theme ‘Space’ for Y5/6-Spring 2015
After School Dance Courses for KS1- Spring 2015 and Spring 2016
KS1 curriculum class topic 5 week dance course-Where the wild things are-Jan/Feb 2018
KS1 curriculum class topic 5 week dance course-999-Jan/Feb 20
After School Street Dance Club for KS1- Jan/Feb 2018
KS1 curriculum class topic 5 week dance course-Nocturnal Animals-Feb-Easter 2018
KS1 curriculum class topic 5 week dance course-Four Seasons-Feb-Easter 2018
KS1 World Book Day Celebrations – Julia Donaldson stories April 2019

St Josephs Pre-School – Six week creative dance course 2016/17
St Josephs Pre-School – Six week Dazzle Tots course 2017/18
St Josephs Pre-School – Six week Dazzle Tots course 2018/19

Kemble and District Playgroup – Six week creative dance course


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