Outer Space

Outer Space Bingo

Print the Bingo Sheets and calling cards. When a picture is called out, mark it on your sheet or pop a stone on so you can use this again! … Who will be the first to get 5 in a row!


Moon rock craft & game

Watch the quick video of how to make your own moon rocks, hide around your house and garden and race to find them all!

321 Blast Off

Watch the video, print the song sing along and become astronauts together as we blast off in our rocket!

Outer Space Stretching

Print the outer space stretching routine then call out the stretches to test your memory

Solar System in Motion

Grab three round items such as a tennis ball, orange or a grape, watch the video and learn about our earth, moon and sun!


Astronaut Certificate!

We hope you had fun at Dazzle Tots this week!

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