I know that OFSTED is a massive part of any schools calculation when it comes to the way they deliver Dance. This has become even more vital since the increased emphasis placed on school PE. We have spent a lot of time reflecting on our work and the outputs that OFSTED are looking for and are confident that we really do deliver the outcomes they look for. Indeed when we look through the various OFSTED documents we can’t help but see the similarities between their examples of excellence and ours. Have a look below and see what you think. The examples all come from OFSTED’s own research and analysis:


When I work in a school we want and request that the teacher is with us so we can teach them the sports we know well. We are always happy to leave our lesson plans behind or help teachers write their own. Our staff are not trained teachers but they are trained sports coaches who can teach the technical information to develop and implement the skills once we have left.


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