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Ladies Dance courses are drop in classes of fun, playful, upbeat routines of solo steps, so no need for a partner. A different dance style each week keeps it interesting and past styles have included Bollywood, Street Dance, Charleston, Musical Theatre, Ballroom and Jive. Each class finishes with 15 minute session of stretching and relaxation.
Choreography videos to download after each class to help with perfecting those routines at home;

Ladies Dance & Cocktail Evening-Friday July 14th
This is not an fitness class and don’t worry if you haven’t danced for years. It is a fun, sociable event so bring along a group of friends for the party, learn some steps, have a catch up during the breaks and enjoy a refreshing cocktail under the mirrorball. It really can’t get better than that and all for just £15 per gorgeous lady!
“There was a time in my life when I went clubbing three nights a week, I lived to dance. In my thirties, the only opportunities to dance were at work parties and weddings, cheesy affairs where you had to dance ironically and to cheesy music. These are the laws but I want to break them! Dancing when it is done right is spontaneous, visceral and life-affirming, all the things that start slipping away once you become married and middle-aged. Once you get to be a grown-up, every night has to be meticulously planned, including working out the quickest route home to ensure you are back at the agreed hour for the babysitter. I miss dancing but what I miss most is the sense of freedom that it simulates. The older we get, the more life becomes saddled with responsibilities. While opportunities to let your hair down and leap around with careless abandon diminish with time, it is arguably more important to be able to do that at our age, not in our twenties. Dancing is wasted on the young.”
Sarfraz Manzoor-Red



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