My daughter Elsie has been to many Dazzle Tots sessions and she loves to follow the themes where she can explore her imagination through movement , dance and make believe.  Sarah puts her heart and soul into each session and you can see the children warm to her.

Dance is fun.
Dance is an amazing form of expression.
Dance is active.
You can dance anywhere.

Dazzle Tots dance classes are fun and gentle sessions for children aged 3-5 aimed at encouraging and developing balance, self esteem, co-ordination, creativity, individuality and a love of dance and movement.
Each 4-6 week course will introduce the children to a new dance style and new music, slowly building up new moves each week for a finished routine. The themes vary from country dancing, disco, bhangra, gymnastics, musical theatre or charleston and can ofen include fun, interactive dance props.  

A Dazzle Tots class will always include some sort of freestyle dance, maybe as part of a warm up or a closing exercise, allowing the children to show off their own moves!




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