Dazzle Tots - Dinosaurs

Add the Dinos

Count the dinosaurs on each line and write your answers in the box.


Dino tracks

Print the dinosaur tracks and hide around the house or garden. Then print the search sheet and go exploring!

Dino bingo

Print and cut out the calling cards and bingo sheets and have fun learning about Dinosaurs!

Dino colouring

Match the numbers to the colours and paint or colour in your dinosaur.

Dinosaur Stomp

Download and print the Dinosaur stomp dance. Move to the Dinosaur Stomp and dinosaur themed yoga videos.. see below!



We hope you had fun at Dinosaur week!

Dazzle Tots in Australia!

My cousins children Zhala and Tate doing the Dino Track Hunt in Byron Bay, Australia! Dazzle has free, printable themed weeks ‘Dazzle a Tots’ and this week is Dinosaur week all available on Kids at Home on dazzleworkshops.co.uk...

Pre-school on-line Dinosaur acivities!


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