Dance Courses

Dance Courses

Fun, creative, non-competitive dance courses in small groups.  Encouraging and developing spontaneity, self confidence and creativity. The aim of a ‘show’ or repetitive work towards an exam can put so many young people off simply enjoying dance and instills a fear of being in the moment.

After School Dance Courses

Each session will involve upbeat, movement warm up games and focusing, relaxation closure activity. With a different dance style each week ranging from Tango, Streetdance, Jazz, Cheerleading and Creative Free Dance, these unique courses keep the group interested, focused and allow the children to add their individual style to structured routines developing new skills, fitness, co-ordination and teamwork. Every session finishes with a 15 minute relaxation and mat work.

The next 5 week after school dance course will be held on Mondays in November/December 2017 at the Market House in MInchinhampton. These courses are open to children from any school in years R-Y6.

Please note: Some activities during a Dazzle Dance Class require the children to focus on instructions and sit quietly at times. This is for the enjoyment of all the group. If you feel this will not suit your child please contact Dazzle as alternative classes could be arranged.

Courtney says that the dance class is fun and exciting and Sarah is a really nice teacher. She enjoys the dancing and can’t wait to return!


Amazing dances – I have learned so many new skills and made so many friends, the games are great, so much fun made here. Dazzle and wake-up clubs have also built my confidence and I love all the different types of music I love it!

Bretta aged 9

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