NEW routine, NEW music, NEW dance style, EVERY week!

This morning ladies class is designed to make you feel good and ready for your day. A little morning mood boosting party!

Get the adrenalin flowing, laugh and escape.

The class starts with a simple warm up gently easing our minds and bodies into a new space. Then 40 minutes developing an upbeat dance routine, with lots of repeated moves, to fun chart toppers and feel good classics. You will surprise yourself at how much you can achieve in this time.

Dance styles can include musical theatre, street dance, jive, charleston, salsa, cheerleading, bhangra, 90’s boy bands, afrobeat, routines with props and dressing up and famous dance styles from history such as Single Ladies, Thriller or Vogue!

We then reap the benefits of the workout with an important post workout stretch on our mats creating a positive mindset for the day ahead. Whatever that may involve.

Please wear shoes and clothes to easily groove in and bring your own yoga mat and water bottle!

Sarah puts together great classes for us – we spend the whole time dancing and laughing, and time flies by, as we are so engaged with what we were doing. I don’t even notice that I’ve been ‘working out’ until I get home! Sarah has a great gift for creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere – even for those, like me, who are bashful about their dance skills.


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