“My daughter bounces in and out of the Dazzle kids dance club, it’s her favourite thing of the week, she has never been keen to join a formal dance class, but she absolutely loves the relaxed, fun atmosphere at Dazzle and the chance to try something new every week”.

Children need to play, move freely and express their individuality.
Children want to have fun, be spontaneous and escape from reality.
If your child loves to boogie at home, would love to be introduced to and try lots of different dance styles, enjoys learning new routines but does not want the pressure of performing and gradings.. a Dazzle Dance Club could be perfect!

A Dazzle Dance Club is for boys and girls in school years R-6 and introduces a new dance style every week. These can include bhangra, street dance, jive, cheerleading, tango, musical theatre, cha cha, breakdance, chairography, tutting or famous routines from history such as Thriller, Singing in the Rain or Saturday Night Fever. The group will explore the beats, rhythm, music and history of each dance genre while developing a routine, including the children’s ideas.
Each class includes a fun warm up fitness game and finishes with a closing stretching activity.
On-line dance videos and yoga cards are included during the course.

I think they get you very active in a fun way! The dance themes for each week are always different so there’s always a new move to learn!

This is an ideal opportunity for an individual or small group to dance together, developing routines to their music choice and preferred dance styles. If your child enjoys dancing but feels anxious or is not ready to join a group class then Dazzle will tailor a series of classes to your child’s requirements and skill levels, learning at their own pace and building their confidence.


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