Summer Musical Theatre Days

If you love musical theatre, singing, dancing, craft, dressing up and performing join Dazzle at one of the Musical Theatre Days this Summer.
From the bottom of the ocean in The Little Mermaid, the African Savannah of The Lion King and the glamorous 50’s Hairspray these individual days will include themed craft, learning and developing a medley of routines, vocal and choir work and performing to family and friends when they are collected at the end of each day.
The Summer Musical Theatre Days are for boys and girls aged 5-11 and will be held at MInchinhampton Youth Centre on Tuesday 6th-Thursday 8th August 10am-3pm each day. The cost is £30 per day or £75 when booking all three days.

There is nothing like Musical Theatre to bring together a group of children and there are so many benefits. Having a regular creative outlet is not just part of a well-rounded education – it is essential for a child’s emotional health and well-being. Producing a show, however large or small, brings the arts together.
Besides being incredibly fun, musical theatre helps young people develop many of the skills necessary for success in today’s world: 
Self-Confidence: Throughout a rehearsal and performance process, young performers discover how to take creative and emotional risks and learn to trust their abilities.
Literacy: Children increase reading and writing skills at their own pace by immersing themselves in the story, reading and re-reading their scripts, memorising their lines.
Communication: During rehearsals, children learn how to articulate their thoughts and questions and carefully listen to direction in order to improve their performances.
Imagination: Theatre is most dynamic when the imaginations of its participants are fully engaged. Children make countless interpretive choices in design and performance to create a detailed, fictional world for their parents
Public Speaking: Whether performing for their peers during rehearsal or for their parents during a performance, the children gain expertise and confidence speaking in front of a group.
Teamwork: Theatre requires extensive creative input from all its participants. Children build ensemble by working together to rehearse, construct, promote, and perform their show.  Every role – whether onstage or behind the scenes – is vital for a show’s success.

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