The Mini First Aid’s Infection Control for Children’s Activity Providers course with @minifirstaid has been specifically designed for the children’s activity industry.

They aim to help us work safely (be COVID-secure) and to manage the risks associated with running our business. The course shows us how to minimise the risk of spreading infection and includes social distancing tips for children specifically. Ultimately, the course helps us to reassure parents, schools and childcare providers that you are up to date with current government and public health advice and that we understand how to minimise infection. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, all childhood settings must carry out a further risk assessment for COVID-19, so that all “reasonably practicable” measures can be put in place to control those risks for children and staff.
The risk assessment should include staff and children, as well as parents and any other people who come to the setting.
All employers have a duty to consult employees on health and safety, and they are best placed to understand the risks in individual settings.

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