Get creative and design a fish puppet for Dazzles underwater themed on-line puppet show!

Some fish light up, some have spikes, some fish look sad or look like rocks.

Dazzle needs crazy fish making for a puppet show…. if you could design a fish, what would it look like, what would it eat, what is its name?  Dazzle needs lots of unique and crazy fishy characters to be included in an underwater themed on-line puppet show so why not create and make a crazy fish puppet and send your weirdo to Dazzle. Use collage, paint, wool, beads, paper plates, foil, moveable fins.. let your imagination go wild.

We would also love to know a little bit about your fish. Maybe your fish lives in the Amazon River, the cold Atlantic Ocean or a pond in your garden? Is it poisonous, camouflaged, what does it eat, is it friendly?
Very important …. please let us know what your fish is called!!

A lucky winner drawn randomly will receive a ‘Fidgety Fish’ children’s story book by Ruth Galloway, a set of hand made puppets to accompany the book and a sea life sticker book.

  • Your puppet needs to be controlled from underneath with a stick or sticks please, not string from above, thank you.
  • Please make your fish no bigger than 50cm long
  • This competition is for boys and girls aged 3-7
  • No mer-people please

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