At Dazzle we aim to go plastic free, educate children how to care for our planet, animals, nature and ourselves. All of the craft activities during the February half term Holiday Club are sustainably sourced using recycled and recyclable materials and compost and recycling bins are used during snack and lunch breaks.
The theme for the Dazzle February half term Holiday Club is ‘Behind the Scenes!’
Group games and craft activities will focus on a different backstage area each day such as costume design, set and scenery and shadow puppetry. The children will enjoy creating their own costume on a life size cut out, (made up or a character from a film!), designing a mini shadow puppet set in a box and huge shadow puppets. And of course the shadow puppets will be acting out some crazy stories!
On top of this each day also includes lots of fitness and team games, village walks and treasure hunts, free play and end of day big screen chill out!
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