If your child simply loves to dance the DAZZLE Dance Clubs start next Monday at Minchinhampton Youth Centre.
If your child loves to dance but is perhaps unsure about joining a ‘traditional’ dance school, maybe you are worried their joy of dance and their creativity will be squashed by the formality of many dance clubs.

At a Dazzle dance class we play lots of games. Games are an important part of every class. Young children simply want to have fun and dance games keep the children engaged for longer, help young dancers to grow, learn and continue their love of dance and movement.
Often children come along to Dazzle and discover they want to take their dancing further with gradings and performances …. GREAT! I can recommend some amazing local, specialist schools and teachers who will develop their skills further. But if they simply want to dance, be creative, learn new routines and have fun then Dazzle could be the choice for your child.
Street Dance‘, ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ and ‘Musical Theatre Song & Dance‘ all start next week.
Dazzle is excited to be joined by Henry Crabb-La Hei for the Autumn dance courses Henry Crabb-La Hei  and to find out more about the next 5 week courses click here DANCE CLUBS or please get in touch if you would like to chat about the dance clubs for your child.
Have a great weekend!

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