Thinking of a fab Dazzle birthday party for your child this autumn?
Dazzle has limited availability (September full and October getting busy!) for weekend parties with only a few spots free up to Christmas!
October 19th, November 17th & 30th, December 1st, 7th & 8th
Dazzle offers Dance & Show Parties or Creative Themed Parties for ages 4-11.
A Dazzle party is a bespoke event for your child and their friends. Dazzle provides personalised invitations and works with you to tailor a party to the group coming together to celebrate the big day! Themed craft activities, games, music, dance and competitions provide an interactive, unique, creative experience for everyone.
Bugs & Butterflies, Musical Theatre, Harry Potter, Unicorns & Rainbows, Science Lab, Jungle Animals, Strictly Come Dancing, Mission Impossible, Pirates & Mermaids, Stage Fighting … these are just a few of the party themes Dazzle has used over the years. Simply choose a theme and let Dazzle do the rest.
Packages start from £150 and up to £600 for a ‘Dazzle Big Event’ for absolutely everything arranged…..invitations, party food, cake, venue, entertainment and party bags. 

*Dazzle parties are for a maximum of 20 children (including party girl/boy)
*Dazzle aims to use only recycled or compostable/recyclable items for the craft activities
*Dazzle can also provide a no-waste ‘Party Kit’. Choice of washable tablecloths, napkins, cups, bowls, plates, jugs, straws, cutlery and serving bowls for up to 20 children. No waste, no mess, simple.
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