‘Girl Talk’ aims to develop self worth and confidence about our differences and uniqueness, to teach skills to deal with bullying behaviour, to know who a good friend is and to be a good friend, to empathise with others, to empower the girls to change the dynamics of an unhealthy relationship not just for the individuals but also a group and even a school community. Topics we have explored include Trust, Good & Bad Friendships, Rumours, I am Special and Empathy. The course developed with the needs of each group and the last two sessions have been tailored to the girls experiences.
The girls at ‘Girl Talk’ are 8 years old. They have all been on both sides, not realising the consequence of their actions but feeling the pain when on the receiving end. It is the last sessions of the 5 week course tomorrow. I have already learnt so much from just 10 hours with these girls. Some weeks we laughed, some weeks we drew pictures, some weeks were difficult and some times were sad. Every week I left the sessions feeling honoured they let me in their worlds and for their honesty. This is very rewarding work and I hope the last 5 weeks has had a positive impact on these 9 amazing girls. If you feel your daughters school would benefit from a ‘Girl Talk’ course please feel free to pass on my details. I would love the opportunity to discuss ‘Girl Talk’ and how I can tailor a course to the schools requirements. Dazzle will be offering these courses in primary schools, to small groups of girls or compete year groups, from September.

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