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Dazzle is super pleased to have Daniel Rock as part of the Dazzle team this autumn, assisting at the Thursday Drama Club and Comedy Theatre Workshop during half term. Daniel was one of the first to attend a Dazzle workshop at the ripe old age of five years old. Thirteen years later, at eighteen, he’s helped run Dazzle workshops on multiple occasions, regularly lead theatre workshops at Cirencester College, where he’s served a year as the Sundial Theatre Company Chairman, assistant-directed, and acted in a successful Edinburgh Fringe Festival show that was official recommended by The Scotsman newspaper, been the movement director for a story-telling and physical theatre production of the Snow Queen, and played principle roles in many productions, including a National Theatre Connections piece. Now, he’s in the process of having a collection of short original comedy sketches filmed, while he writes a film he hopes to start production of later this year. Lucky Dazzle, lucky children! @_daniel_rock @thesundialtheatrecompany @imagine_theatre #dazzledramaclub #dazzleautumn2018 #whydontyoujustswitchoffyourtelevisionsetandgooutanddosomethinglessboringinstead #sundialtheatre #sundialtheatrecompany #imaginetheatrecirencester #dazzleisnothingwithoutmyamazingassistants

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