The morning rush to leave the house is often the most stressful part of the day for parents of primary school children. Making sure your kids are up, washed, dressed and have had a decent breakfast can be an uphill struggle, and if you’re trying to get to work yourself, it can be even more fraught.

Breakfast clubs are now available in most schools and there are lots of ways your child could benefit from going along.
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved attendance and punctuality
  • Better behaviour
  • Improved attainment and achievement at school.

“Giving children a positive play experience before school helps them to relax and makes them happy. Compared to the chaotic and stressful experience many children have in the morning, this is an excellent start to the day.” the school run

Breakfast clubs are also a good place for children to socialise. ‘The social interaction is really important; often, the breakfast club is the only opportunity for children of different ages to spend time together at school.’

Teachers say that breakfast clubs have a noticeable impact on the children who attend. Speaking to Teaching Times, the headteacher of Oxford Gardens Primary School in London says, ‘An early start is what our young people need. It provides the opportunity for the children to engage in activities to get them going for the day. That hour before school is
stress-free. There’s no need for hurrying or being late, because they are already there. They also have a nutritious breakfast and always start with a smile on their faces, ready for learning.’

“I drop them off and I know they will be fine and I would be able to go, knowing they are safe, they are fine, they’re happy and they’re learning and enjoying themselves. It’s taken a really big weight off my shoulders.”

Are you a teacher at a school with no breakfast club?

A Dazzle Wake Up Club is a successful formula. The school are supplying a service and support for working parents with no extra workload to school staff, the parents are able to get to work on time and the children are active, socialising and relaxing into their day at school.
It is not a typical school breakfast club. A Wake Up Club morning is fun, active, inspiring and positive start to the child’s day at school. It is an extension to their school day, not just childcare.Wake Up Clubs

The children are welcomed from 7.45am and a simple healthy breakfast is ready with activities set up in the hall and a colouring and craft table. Once the majority of the group has arrived we can start the principal activity which varies from street dance, plate spinning, football skills, french skipping, tennis, gymnastics, craft activities, board games, yoga, basketball or indoor cricket. At 8.30 the children re-group for circle time and we might sing an action song to re-focus before starting their school day.The session often closes with the ‘Check Me Out’ section when the children are invited to demonstrate skills they have been practising and enjoy before joining their classes. The Minchinhampton group have also written their own Wake Up Club song, designed the Wake Up Club logo, created Wake Up Club game cards and new Croga cards…Crazy Yoga! 
A Dazzle ‘Wake Up Club’ aims to develop new skills, fitness, co-ordination, confidence and be ready for a day at school.  

Running a ‘Wake Up Club’ business is an opportunity for a parent or parents, with children at your school. Parents who maybe have a background or interest in sport, dance or the creative arts. This is not essential, no formal qualifications are required, just energy and enthusiasm for working with children. The mornings can be shared by more than one parent, your child attends for free and home by 9am.

Full training, work shadowing, continued support, a bookings website and manuals are all provided and business packages start at just £500.

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