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Dazzle is currently looking for an energetic, creative and exciting assistant to help run the successful Wake Up Club at MInchinhampton Academy from September 2017.
The children attend the club for a variety of reasons from a need for working parents to a bit of fun. They age from Reception through to Year 6.
At 8am a game is ready to play. Maybe Hula Hoops, French skipping, Balls, Ankle Skippers or Ball clickers allowing the group to gradually arrive and settle. We then move on to the principal activity. This can include Golf, Cheerleading, Hockey, Gymnastics, Badminton, Yoga, Football, Ballroom Dancing or Basketball. Children can bring in a snack and drink. At 8.30 the children re-group for circle time and we might sing an action song or play a team game to re-focus before starting their school day.
The group have also written their own Wake Up Club song, designed the Wake Up Club logo, created Wake Up Club game cards and new Croga cards…Crazy Yoga! Most importantly, a Wake Up Club morning must be fun.
This is an ideal opportunity for a parent with a child at school. Maybe you specialise in a particular sport or dance.

Your child attends for free and you are finished by 8.45am.
Full training regarding the ethos, structure and planning of a Wake Up Club
Manual including warm up games, songs and sports which ideally suit a school hall and their facilities.
Dazzle will organise your enhanced DBS, Safeguarding Training, Insurance and FIrst Aid Training.
Dazzle will liaise with the school and arrange bookings
On-line support, tips and advice.

Dazzle is currently looking for energetic, creative people to assist with Dazzle parties from September 2017.
Dazzle has been running children’s birthday parties for 10 years. Dazzle offers different packages of parties ranging from Dance Parties  or Themed Creative Parties for pre-schoolers and primary aged children.
Dance Parties are fun and upbeat and explore a variety of dance styles including Musical Theatre, Streetdance, Jive, Disco, Charleston, Cheerleading and Bhangra. Parties can include an optional performance to parents when collecting their child at the end of the party. If you specialise in a particular dance genre or many dance styles, Dazzle wants to hear from you!
Creative Themed Parties explore a theme through fun party games and craft activities. Each party is tailored to a certain age group and Outer Space, Willy Wonka, Fairies & Goblins, Under The Sea, Spies, Unicorns and Harry Potter are just a few of the recent themes.

Do you have boundless energy, a loud voice, a willingness to be silly and an ability to inspire and encourage a group of excited party guests?

Full training regarding the ethos, structure and planning of a Dazzle party
Manual including warm up games and activities
Dazzle will organise your enhanced DBS, Safeguarding Training, Insurance and FIrst Aid Training.
On-line support, tips and advice including Dazzles Pinterest boards and Youtube videos.

Dazzle welcomes young adults from age 14 to join the Dazzle team as youth trainees, work experience or completing the required volunteer section of Duke Of Edinburgh award.

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